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Vietnam is a country in transition.  The Communist party controls the country, but communism as an economic system is dead—being replaced with capitalism.  Geopolitically the new bad guy in Asia is China, which is bullying many of their neighbors.  The only counter-balance to Chinese territorial ambition is the United States, which means that Vietnam’s relations with the U.S. have warmed considerably.  


The evangelical church in Vietnam is growing rapidly, although much of it is forced into an underground status.  Communist authorities regard Christianity as a Western religion that is counter to their culture and a possible threat to their regime.  The overall situation looks like the Roman Empire in the 2nd Century—that is, the government will alternate between toleration and crackdown.  It is a cat-and-mouse game with the church trying to fulfill the Great Commission and communist authorities trying to control the spread of Evangelical Christianity.  


Harmony’s work in Vietnam consists of five categories: 

harmony house vietnam!

a home for children

Harmony House Vietnam is located halfway between Hanoi and Hai Phong, Vietnam.  About half of the children in our care are tribal.  The home is in a lush and quiet village setting which is peaceful and idyllic.  Our lead nanny is a young Vietnamese gal who came to Christ through our J-Club outreach to university students.

Some of our children are true orphans and others come from family situations where the children were growing up poor, uneducated and in dire circumstances.  Our goal is to step into the shoes of their missing parents and come to their rescue in Jesus’ name.  We want our sweethearts to have joyful childhoods where they grow up in a caring family environment, are loved, attend school, and learn about Jesus from their childhood.  I know many will be interested to know whether these squeaks are adoptable.  The answer is, not at present.  

The Vietnamese government is inherently suspicious, and if you immediately push for adoption, they think this is all about money.  So, we just take it slow.  I would love it if these kids could eventually be adopted.  If you share my heart for this, please pray for it from time to time.

We are excited to announce that Harmony House Vietnam will be a part of the itinerary for upcoming Harmony mission adventures to northern Vietnam!













Joy + Love = J-Club

Teaching English—Building Relationships

Ambassadors of Love

In multiple locations in Vietnam, Harmony has successful outreach to university students. J-Club (Jesus Club), capitalizes on students' interest in learning conversational English by offering free English classes.  The course material we use:  The Bible – but in workbook format.  

While students are improving their English, they are simultaneously being exposed to the Good News (most for the first time), as well as worship and Christian community.  Many of our students report coming for the English but leaving with changed lives and new family in the Kingdom of God. 

Teams are welcome to travel to Vietnam to work with university students at J-Club.  Internships are also available for longer stays.  It'll be an experience you won't soon forget.  Contact us for more information about sending teams to Vietnam or for internships.



Vietnam has 53 ethnic minorities, most of which are unreached tribal people groups.  These people groups have their own languages and culture which are distinct from “normal” Vietnamese—known as “King People” or “Viet People.”

Harmony Outreach works with these tribal people groups, and our team of tribal pastors have successfully planted nearly 50 house churches in remote tribal communities.  Many of our tribal pastors deeply love Jesus but lack theological education.  Harmony addresses this problem by sending Western pastors and teachers to train them.  In addition to evangelism, church planting and pastor training, Harmony has built houses, provided surgeries, sponsorships for tribal children and installed clean water systems such as wells or cisterns.



Every year Harmony deploys dozens of American pastors, college professors and teachers to train ministry candidates from the underground church in one of 30 courses in our curriculum.  This teaching takes place in Saigon and Hanoi and is part of a three-year course of study.  Upon successful completion of all coursework, students graduate and are ordained into ministries of varying kinds.  Approximately 150 students are taught each year, with 35-50 graduating.  The demand for training exceeds our supply of teachers.



Praying for brother Tung as he fights for his life

Tung’s grateful family following his near miraculous recovery

Harmony’s two ministry mandates are Spreading the Knowledge of Jesus and Helping the VulnerableHelping the Vulnerable  has included providing surgeries to those who cannot afford them, building or rebuilding houses, providing clean water wells in villages, and supporting tribal children so they can attend school—thus giving them a chance for a better life.  


Sharing such needs with our partners often results in those needs being met, allowing them the opportunity to participate in blessing others.  



Many remotely located people from the tribal or village setting lack access to clean water sources.  This results in great hardships, including sickness and premature death.  Harmony has installed dozens of clean water wells and cisterns.  A clean water well or cistern is a game-changer for an entire village, dramatically improving their lives.   It typically costs less than $2,000 to install a clean water system for an entire village.  


And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.  (Matt.10:42)


Let us know if your family is interested in providing clean water for a village community.