We are currently going through the step-by-step process of transitioning our offices from California to Tennessee.  We anticipate irregular office hours through 2021.  

If you need assistance, please leave a message and our staff will promptly assist you on their next scheduled workday.  Agape!



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Max Lucado

New York Times best-selling author

My family has walked the floors of Harmony House and held the babies of Harmony Outreach. We know this great family, love them, and love Christ more because of them. I think you will as well.

tommy thompson

Former Secretary Health and Human Services

I salute John Bentley for his tireless devotion to serving those in need. His efforts have had a profound impact in terms of touching and brightening the lives of countless children.

tony robbins

World renowned motivational speaker and best-selling author

While visiting China, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the extraordinary heartfelt works of Harmony Outreach. I was completely moved by their absolute unselfishness and unwavering commitment and passion for bettering the lives of so many special-needs orphans. The visit was a highlight of our trip and touched many of our fellow travelers. Since then we have been blessed to support the work of Harmony Outreach, an exceptional organization that is impacting the lives of so many vulnerable people in China.

dr. royce money

Chancellor of Abilene Christian University

My wife Pam and I are so appreciative of the work of Harmony Outreach in China. We know John well and have seen his work in China first-hand. It was a great blessing to us and left us with memories we will never forget. Over the years we have grown ever more thankful to God for their dedication to China’s orphans and vulnerable people. We highly recommend John and the beautiful work at Harmony Outreach.