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May 18, 2015

Little Margrett, at nearly 5 years old, has seen far too much of the seamy side of life.  The middle of three sisters—born of three different dads whom they never knew and a mostly absentee mother—the girls lived in a tiny house that barely sheltered them from any weather.  Most of the time left to fend for themselves, they wandered the streets and markets, eating if there was food but foraging most of the time.  No one cared whether they were fed, clothed or loved.  

Brought into care through Harmony’s Vietnam J-Club in 2019, the lives of Margrett and her sisters have changed drastically.  At Harmony House they are loved, cared for, provided food, clothing and shelter and are all enrolled in school.  They are all also learning about Jesus, in regular Bible study, prayer and church.

Margrett is named for Margrett Bishop, herself a long-time missionary and supporter of Harmony Outreach.  

We thank God these little ones have been rescued and now have the opportunity to know the God Who made them and Who has good plans for their lives.