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Jerry’s actual birthday is unknown, but he is estimated to be about 7 years old.  In the U.S. it is difficult to imagine not knowing your child’s birthday, but life is very different when you are part of a small tribal group of people in northern Vietnam.  Birth records may be non-existent, and a child’s birthday celebration is unheard of.  

Having met Jerry’s family and recognizing their deep poverty and inability to provide even enough food, Khai of our J-Club in Vietnam brought Jerry to live there.  Now at Harmony House, Jerry has enough food to eat, clean clothes to wear and he can even go to school—a real privilege for some of the Hmong tribal families.  He is called “very nice and gentle” by his nanny.

Jerry is named for Jerry Probst, a long-time Harmony partner who has not only supported financially but has been on multiple mission trips to see Harmony’s work first-hand.

We thank God He rescued Jerry who now has the opportunity to know the God Who made him and Who has good plans for his life.