We are currently going through the step-by-step process of transitioning our offices from California to Tennessee.  We anticipate irregular office hours through 2021.  

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Bringing Muslims to Christ is one of our primary mission objectives in Ethiopia.  Every year, our team of Muslim Background Believer (MBB) evangelists lead hundreds of Muslims to faith in Christ.  But Jesus did not call us to “win converts” but to “make disciples,” so salvation is just the starting point.


In areas where the wealthy Gulf States are funding a mosque on every corner, there are almost no churches.  For new believers, lacking a place to worship, fellowship and study is counter to their culture and highly discourages them.  These new Muslim Background Believers often remark to our team, “You brought us from our mosques.  Where is our new mosque (place to worship)?”  


Well, if the devil has the uber-wealthy Gulf States funding mosques, Jesus has Mighty Mouse Harmony Outreach!  We take the small resources we have and work with them—every year building one or two churches in locations of dire need.  All it takes to build a church is $2,500.  Let us know if your family wants to be the ones who build a church for these new Muslim Background Believers. 


Every year, Harmony Outreach identifies a group of Muslim Background Believers who really love Jesus and are excited about their new-found faith.  We take these select MBBs through our training program to equip them to effectively share their faith—as MBB evangelists.  Upon graduation they are deployed back the communities they came from as modern-day Apostles to the Muslims.  Occasionally, we identify select MBB evangelists who have a calling to the nations and deploy them to the Muslim nations of north Africa.  We are taking the Kingdom of God back to the Muslim world!

Although Western Christians struggle with how to reach Muslims, actually there is an easy way you can be responsible for leading scores to Christ—by supporting an MBB evangelist(s).  Our MBB’s spread the Kingdom because they love Christ and want to bring the Good News to their people.  Harmony does not pay them salaries—because we simply can’t afford it.  But here is the thing—all it takes to support their families is $75/month.  Consider that these brave guys and gals are spreading the Kingdom with great effectiveness, always at risk of physical violence.  Help them by holding up their arms (Ex 17:11-13).  Honestly, it’s a team effort.  Let us know if you would like to become a sponsor—in any amount.


Helping the vulnerable is a significant part of our work in Ethiopia—the second-most populous country in Africa where orphans make up as much as 8% of the population.  Only a tiny fraction will ever be adopted internationally.  Our work is with the overwhelming majority who will not be adopted.


Harmony supports two orphan homes in the capital, Addis Ababa.  Each home has between 8-10 children and is managed by an Ethiopian ministry called Hanna Orphan’s Home.  HOH founder, Hanna Teshome, has been called the Ethiopian Mother Teresa.  She is a beautiful woman of faith and love—and we are joyful that God brought Harmony alongside to hold up her arms in the rescue and life transformation of these at-risk children. 


Jesus said he came to rescue the poor and brokenhearted and to transform their lives into something new and beautiful.  These “oaks of righteousness” would then rebuild and restore the society around them.  With the Lord’s help, we are coming to the aid of orphaned children who had no hope and “…bestowing on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair!” (Isa. 61:13)


The children in our care are raised in a Christian environment and provided everything they need including counseling, tutoring and medical care.  We want them to overcome the challenges they face and succeed—becoming change agents for their own country.


In addition to caring for orphans, Harmony provides surgeries, scholarships and playground equipment and pays for non-surgical medical care for hundreds of vulnerable people.


If you can’t feed a hundred, then feed just one.  

Mother Teresa