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October, 2013

Seth, with his shy, engaging smile, is a 7-year-old currently living at Harmony House Vietnam.  He was born into an ethnic minority tribe known as the Hmong who live in the mountains of northern Vietnam.  Seth’s family’s deep poverty became known to Khai of our J-Club, and Seth came to live at Harmony House.  Now, instead of lacking enough food and clothing and having to help work in the fields, Seth is receiving not only love and life’s necessities but is going to school.  He is called “nice and obedient” by his nanny.

Seth is named for worship pastor Seth Herndon of The Springs church in Temecula, CA, someone who understands hardship and is adopting a child in need.  He is also a great friend and partner of Harmony Outreach.     

We thank God He rescued little Seth who now has the opportunity to know the God Who made him and Who has good plans for his life.