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Eritrea, in northeastern Africa, became independent from Ethiopia in 1993.  The Islamic government quickly zeroed in on Christianity, closing churches, imprisoning pastors and persecuting Christians.  Some pastors have languished in prison, unable to see their families, for decades.  

These events forced the evangelical church underground.  Because of hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the evangelical denominations of Ethiopia were completely cut off from Eritrea.  The Christians left there were on their own.  

Because of the extreme security situation, we cannot say much about our work to help the suffering church.  I can say with great joy that where no one else is going, God chose little Harmony Outreach to help—and help we are.  

One would think that the Eritrean Christians would be downcast and defeated because of their circumstances.  Actually, quite the opposite.  They joyfully report that the Gospel is being shared in every major town and city.  Wow!

Strengthen what remains and is about to die.  (Rev 3:2)