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Pastor Hoang and Thuy sending love to Team Harmony.

Pastor Hoang and Thuy sending love to Team Harmony.

​We did it, Team Harmony!  We crossed the finish line to provide pastor Paul Hoang a replacement vehicle for his work in villages throughout Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta!  

For little Harmony Outreach, it was a lofty goal raising $20,000 for this need.  But using the power of “collective giving,” it turned out to be no burden at all.  We just advertised the need and allowed the Holy Spirit to move on certain Harmony supporters to give whatever was on their hearts.  Over the next six months, gifts small, medium and large trickled in, causing the mercury in our giving-thermometer to rise--bit by bit—until we crossed the finish line.  

You already know how this gift will be used to spread the Kingdom in the Mekong Delta for years to come.  But it was more than that—it was a huge life-blessing to Hoang and his wife.

Here is a cute email received from pastor Hoang, just after they took delivery of the vehicle, to let you know what it meant to them.
I brought the car home is like a dream.  When we brought the car back that night, we were so happy that we couldn't sleep, so we went to sleep in the car! Thank God and Pastor John Bentley, Dalin, Linda and Harmony leadership So much.
And thank you very much for all Brothers and Sisters [who donated toward this need] whom dedication to the Mekong region to have the best car.

God bless you all!