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Bekelech, the Witch Doctor

Bekelech now worshipping God!​

Bekelech, the Witch Doctor


Now nearly 80 years old, Bekelech has been a witch doctor in Ethiopia most of her life.  As reported by our Ethiopia country director Dr. Eyasu, “She did all kinds of divination and used to go to the river to offer sacrifices to the devil.  For many years she lived as a servant of the devil.  Hussen (Harmony evangelist to Muslims) preached the Gospel message and she received Jesus Christ.  She said, “All the garbage things upon me have gone by the power of the Gospel message.” 

Traditional folk beliefs such as superstition, animism, or witch-doctory frequently exist in harmony with Islam, Buddhism, Communism, and even among swaths of Catholicism.  It is only in true Christianity that Jesus and His precepts become exclusive to all other beliefs and practices.   

For nearly 80 years, Bekelech practiced arts that the Bible regards as satanic.  What a blessing to see this elderly woman, with a lifetime deep into the counsels of the Enemy, now lifting hands in praise and prayer!   
And as for her testimony— “All the garbage things upon me have gone by the power of the Gospel message, even Shakespeare himself couldn’t have said it better.  Amen, and welcome to the family, sister Bekelech!