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Two Urgent Needs for Our Work Reaching Muslims


Pastor Paul Hoang is a leader of the underground churches in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam.  He has been imprisoned for his faith three times, has planted dozens of churches and has led thousands to faith in Christ.  He is among the most successful and fruitful Christians I have ever worked with.

My adventures with pastor Hoang, requires that I travel with him in his sagging 1994 Toyota Corolla.  Recently, his 26-year-old Corolla finally gave up the ghost.  We are raising funds to purchase the pictured Indonesian-built Suzuki XL7 and are very close to our goal.  Every contribution, in whatever amount, gets pooled together.  It is the power of team—collective giving.  We…can do this!

$4,998 out of $25K raised

Two Urgent Needs for Our Work Reaching Muslims

It’s not easy for western Christians to picture life in rural Ethiopia.  Few people own vehicles.  Sometimes a bus may take you to a city, but you mostly walk to go anywhere!

Picture yourself as one of our Muslim-Background Believers (MBBs):  Since your means of transportation is your own two feet, once you have evangelized in your own village, your only choice is to walk somewhere to other villages.  It may take you hours, and by the time you walk there you are likely hungry, tired and face the possibility of nowhere to stay.

Our MBB evangelist Hussen has been highly fruitful in reaching and discipling Muslims.  In addition to evangelizing, he is the minister of a church in Bosso, a village of about 4,000 people.  His church has about 50 members, most former Muslims.

We are asking two things to help Hussen:  
1.    He needs a motorcycle that will dramatically increase his ministry impact.    Motorcycle cost is $2,500.  
2.    Bosso church is in dire need of repairs.  Cost is $700.

To help, visit our Donate page here on the website, or contact our offices at (615) 541-8700.