Sponsor Christian

Chinese Name: Zhou Jianlong

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 19, 2011

Special needs: Atrial Septal Defect (2.7mm)

Christian is nearing a year old and is showing great muscle coordination and agility.  He can roll over, sit up for long periods and crawl around to reach something he wants.  He recognizes his name when spoken to and, as do all the children, loves to be held and played with. 

 He has favorite toys and also enjoys music and watching cartoons.  He also enjoys being outside and gets excited when we start placing the babies into the strollers for their daily walks. 

 Christian seems to be in a growth spurt and is eating accordingly.  He gets a bottle of milk every four hours and also enjoys cereal, porridge, fruit juice, egg custard and other soft foods. 

 His schedule includes getting up around 7am, napping from 11am to 2pm and going back to bed around 7pm after his bath. He is a good sleeper on either his back or side. 

 The best news is that it appears Christian has found his Forever Family!

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