Four Churches in Muslim Villages

Four Churches in Muslim Villages!


Harmony is all about boldly advancing the Kingdom of God into territory long held by the Enemy. Nowhere is this more evident than Ethiopia where our team is leading hundreds of Muslims to Christ every year. But Jesus called us to make disciples, not converts, so evangelism is just the first step.

In these Muslim areas where there are no churches, our Muslim-background new believers will often say to our team, “You brought us out of the mosque. Where is our new mosque (i.e. place of worship)?”

Harmony is working to provide these needed church buildings. Four of them are pictured here. The two completed buildings are in Choncho and Aje. The ones still needing completion are in Jido and Aje Dida. These churches were sponsored by Harmony supporters scattered all over the U.S. and the world.

As always, we appreciate your prayers for these new converts—our brothers and sisters in Christ!