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Next up: Cosmetic Surgery for Shonkole!

$4,998 out of $25K raised

Next up:  Cosmetic Surgery for Shonkole!


Shonkole is a village child in Ethiopia.  Because of her horribly disfigured eye, she was shunned and quit school.  She heard the Gospel from Harmony’s MBB evangelist Fikadu and became a Christian.  On a visit there in 2019, John met Shonkole and—immediately after getting home—raised funds for her needed surgery.

As you can see, our job is not complete.  She is seeing much better, but she still needs plastic surgery.  Her appearance will affect her whole life, not only being shunned but including her ability to eventually get married.  

Another tidbit about Shonkole:  She has brought her mom, sister and five others to Jesus!  To help with her next surgery—estimated at $1,200—please go to our Donate page or mail your donation to our office.