$500 to Change History

A couple weeks ago a ministry partner named Brother Tong, who directs Esther’s House in Cambodia, reached out to Harmony Outreach with a genuine need.

Brother Tong works closely with young girls who have been victimized for sex exploitation.  As part of this ministry, Tong houses these young girls, aging from infancy to young adulthood, at a safe compound that meets all their needs.  Providing a safe and stable environment is only one part of the ministry, as Tong and his partners seek to do something commonly overlooked:  prosecution of the offenders.  

This good work allows opportunity for ministry as these vulnerable young girls are not only given safety and stability, but also the opportunity for life transforming and soul renewing relationship with the Father who will never hurt them.  

Tong’s expertise allows him the opportunity to identify girls who are at risk of sex exploitation.  Years of ministry have allowed him the discernment to identify certain trends that may lead a family to sell or rent children to sexual exploiters as a desperate means for provision.  When Tong reached out to Harmony Outreach, he brought news of a particular family who he identifies as possibly on the verge of desperation to the point of exploitation.

The situation is like many others, Tong notes.  Sometimes young girls are abused by family members which can be hard to stop until after it is well known.  But other times economic distress can lead parents to horrific lengths to care for their family.  

One family in particular makes their living off the sale of sweet drinks made from pure sugarcane.  It’s quite spectacular!  Buyers will approach the vending cart and watch as the artisan creates the sweet, flavorful drink by hand right in front of them.  Once the communal sweet tooth has been satisfied, this grandfather will board his motobike and tow his cart to another location.

It was a sweet sensation!  And, for a season of time, it was a lucrative business that provided for the man, woman and two grandchildren.

Tragedy struck the community in the Prey Veng Province when a flood wiped out homes, cattle and crops. The grandfather’s motobike was among the casualties of the devastation. The family has been left without the ability to travel and sell.  Stress.  Hunger.  Desperation.  These are hard to endure, especially when felt all at once.  In order to make ends meet, the family has had to split to find work.  Grandmother and children relocated to another province where all but the youngest child work on the fields of a tapioca plantation.  Needing the finances to get by, the little girl stays home during the day while the family labors.

Brother Tong met the family at the hospital.  They were there for the little girl who became ill.  This is when he learned about their hardships and their desperation.  Tong’s idea?  Restore the family by providing a loan for them to purchase a motobike to tow their sugarcane cart.  The financial cost is $500.  The reward is a family able to provide for themselves and the opportunity to touch their lives.